The Reiki Collection

The new series is inspired by Reiki sessions I had with my dear friend. While she was working on me I was seeing brilliant color, shapes and inner atmospheres. The world it took me to was so peaceful and healing.


Reiki Purple Gold


Color has such an effect on me, and it was facinating to close my eyes and see another rich intense world that existed without my conscious mind being aware of it. When we dove in, the experience was transforming.


The Reiki Series


I would travel as if in a suspended dream, I felt free and light, as I would relax into it, the colors would morf from one to another, at times forming shapes.


Birch Dream. 41x29



Reiki Blue 2




The Reiki Series(1)



Reiki Blue Gold 2



Shapes would reveal themselves and I came to understand there meaning later, but during the experience always felt safe and protected.


The entire series will be showing on June 4th and 5th,
Opening of the Reiki Series
June 4th and 5th
155 Maplewood Ave
Maplewood NJ